The Al B EP


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It is clear by the beginning of the second track that this EP is not going to be the typical experience. Each new track surprises the listener with a freshness and originality that is a refreshing change of pace. The Al B EP starts with a blast of ornery, powerful rugged rock and quickly transitions to an uplifting instrumental highlighting the interplay of tenderly arranged cello and acoustic guitar.

The album continues to dance in and out of genres with ease, touching on a southern California reggae-vibe tinged with straight forward southern rock/psychedelia on the third track. Those who listen carefully (and take notes) during the Chorus sections of the song are sure to be rewarded with a tasty summertime adult-type beverage.

Pedal steel beautifully compliments emotional and fragile vocals on the fourth track, 'Flash'. A resonator guitar is featured tastefully as well as the soulful swell of a Hammond Organ. The EP ends with a gentle and breezy track that feels like a day at the beach. 'Credits' features the mandolin and ukelele and uses African and Latin American percussive instruments (udu, guiro and cabasa) instead of a standard drum kit, so the song has more of an old, traditional world-vibe than a typical rock song.

This album is a sneak peak into a full-length debut to soon be released. This is a limited run and sales will be discontinued upon release of the full-length album.

Sales of the album helped raise funds for the children's hospital at the 2013 event, however, this digital distribution is not associated with any charitable organization (other than the starving artist who created it). Also, the promotion of these organizations does not imply their endorsement of this product


released 19 July 2013

"With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

1. Rewind - J.R. Wolfe: vocals, guitar. Martin Chaudhry: guitar.
Featuring - Derek Euston: bass. Pat Beseker: drums

2. emm - J.R. Wolfe: guitar, bass, drums. Martin Chaudhry: guitar
Featuring - Aaron Gainer: cello

3. Skip 'n' Go Naked - J.R. Wolfe: vocals, guitar, bass(verse sections). Martin Chaudhry: guitar, screaming.
Featuring - Pat Beseker: drums. Derek Euston: bass (chorus sections).

4. Flash - J.R. Wolfe: vocals, guitar, harmonica.
Featuring - Corey Woodcock: pedal steel. Mark Brown: keys. Matthew Edwards: drums. Derek Euston:

5. Credits - J. R. Wolfe: vocals, guitar, ukelele, mandolin, udu, guiro, cabasa, bass (verse and chorus sections).
Martin Chaudhry - guitar.
Featuring - Derek Euston: bass (bridge section).

All songs written by: J.R. Wolfe

Produced by: J.R. Wolfe

Recording Engineer: Derek Euston

Mixed by: Derek Euston and J.R. Wolfe

Mastered by: Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York, NY

Recorded, mixed and edited at: The Green Room, Harrisburg, PA

Disc/Jacket Design: J.R. Wolfe

All music published by Man at the Bottom Publishing

Thanks to:

Emily, whom I cannot thank enough. Your constant support keeps me going. You've believed from the start and it means the world to me.

Ted and Diane Kreider, you have been so generous with your encouragement and I have always been so overwhelmed, thank you.

All musicians featured: it was truly a pleasure and an honor to work with you. I am in awe that such talented individuals would pull together for the sake of my musical creations. You have amazed and humbled me. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your blessings and thank you deeply for enhancing this effort.



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JR WOLF Pennsylvania

An original band from Hershey, PA. Style described as: alternafolk jamrock. Touring PA the summer of 2014 to promote full album debut release in the fall.

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Track Name: Rewind
Well I been thinkin ‘bout it

I been movin round here

I don’t know what to do

Things aint getting too clear

I used to love you baby

You used to be my sweet thing

You still love me baby

It’s a crying shame

Well I can’t figure it out, no

Not a little bit

I ‘s the only one born to this life

And I’m the only one living it
So how the hell you goin

To come around and tell me how to live?

How the hell you goin?

I can’t figure it, no
Track Name: emm
Track Name: Skip 'n' Go Naked
lyrics omitted by author
Track Name: Flash
We’re at the start now, that’s where we begin
Before I’m broken down again
And everything looks innocent to me
Well I don’t have time before I die to let you make me change my mind
I’ve got one life, I know the choices mine to make

You know, most times you’ve got to crawl before you walk
And there’ll be times when they put you up just to watch you fall
Did you ever wonder if there’s cameras up above
When you give away your love?

I know, sometimes it seems you’ll fall
And then when you do, the ground comes up to meet you
Sometimes it seems as if the sun is crying down on you
But you can still feel it shining down
I said sometimes it seems as if you’ll fall
And then when you do
The ground comes up to meet you
Track Name: Credits
Well the budget is over, said this cut is a wrap

Yeah the frames they went by much too fast

With everyone watching, this is the end

Said there’s only one way to go

I hope that life’s like a movie; ya figure it out by the end

I hope that life’s like a movie and ya figure it out by the end

(So) Time is not always easy, is it my friend?

Until the credits start rolling, it isn’t the end

The leading lady’s never happy, best boy ain’t so good

Yeah the scenes don’t turn out the way they should

You’ve got to reach everybody by just simply being personal

And the writers are on strike but it’s really a joke

Because the letters are still there, they just haven’t been wrote

But nobody even notices

The frames just keep rolling on

And on

da da da AO
da da da AO

da da da AO
da da da AO

You know it’s lights, camera, action

It’s the ‘present’ they say

I think it means that life’s a gift

So won’t you treat it that way?

With the premier behind you, critics said what they say

Though they hesitate to put their own lives on display

Recognize what it is, continue just to do your thing

Home sales will slowly maintain

What’s important, my friend

Is a personable story with a twist at the end

Or it’s easy: end it happy

The choice is really up to you